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Full Page Spring Newsletter

Praise the Lord!
Come, Holy Spirit!
And welcome to the website of
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of BC.

Amid all the suffering, the danger, and the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal continues to offer the blessings of what Pope Francis has called “a current of grace for the whole Church.”

Face-to-face prayer meetings have resumed in some parishes, and the Vancouver service committee recently presented the first major in-person Catholic charismatic event in BC in two years. Meanwhile, other prayer meetings and events have continued online with Zoom or other platforms; one of the blessings of online events is that we in BC can attend charismatic events in Edmonton, in Rome, or anywhere else in the world, from the safety of our living rooms. (For information on some of these opportunities, see “Links” on this website, or the B.C. Charismatic Facebook page, which is open to the public.)

Meanwhile, Canadian charismatic leaders are making major progress on realizing the Holy Father’s vision for the renewal. In 2019 he decreed the formation of CHARIS (Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service), a new worldwide “service of communion” combining the work of two previous organizations and expanding their scope. Work is nearing completion for the statutes of a new national service of communion for Canada, as called for under CHARIS, and it is hoped to form the actual body late in 2022 or early in 2023.

At the level of prayer groups and parishes, CHARIS will mean a renewed commissioning for service to the Church. As Canada’s national chair, Brian Sullivan, has pointed out, our prayer groups are uniquely well equipped to carry out the goals the Pope has identified for CHARIS: promoting baptism in the Holy Spirit and the exercise of the gifts and charisms of the Spirit; helping those baptized in the Spirit deepen their prayer lives; welcoming the poor; co-operating with other Christians in an ecumenical setting; and above all evangelizing our communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Holy Spirit, which was poured out on the first Christians at the very beginning of the Church on the first Pentecost nearly 2,000 years ago (see Acts, chapter 2), and which has been the driving force and the guide of all that our faith has accomplished ever since, was poured out on the Catholic Church again in a new and powerful way 50 years ago. Since then the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has grown to be the largest ecclesial movement in the Church worldwide, with more than 100 million participants.

While strongly faithful to the Mass, the other sacraments, traditional prayer, and the teaching authority of the Church, the renewal also offers a vibrant new way of prayer and worship, and a new power for life, ministry and service to God. (For more information, see “Who We Are” on this website.)

As the provincial service committee for the renewal, our task is to foster baptism in the Holy Spirit, charismatic worship, exercise of the biblical gifts of the Spirit, evangelism, growth in personal holiness, and above all conversion to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. This website is intended to offer news, resources, and inspiration for Catholics and all Christians seeking those goals.

In the service of the Spirit,

Richard Dunstan, chair

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of British Columbia